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Infinyx™ Space Voyage Astronomical Telescope 70mm Aperture 400mm AZ Mount

Infinyx™ Space Voyage Astronomical Telescope 70mm Aperture 400mm AZ Mount

Infinyx™ Space Voyage Astronomical Telescope 70mm Aperture 400mm AZ Mount

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Begin Your Space Voyage with this Amazing Astronomical Telescope

A good astronomical telescope makes a great difference to the quality of thoughts, time spent and the general intrigue for space knowledge. The best telescope is the one you will use most often. Here is one such telescope. Looking for a good home telescope that can launch everyone in your family into an exciting space voyage?This astronomical telescope is for space beginners in every age group with some essentially amazing features:

 Space cum Terrestrial Telescope: Explore the planets, their satellites along with other deep sky objects and remote terrestrial life. A 21X magnification is achieved with the optical system built in the telescope.
You need to use the 2X Barlow lens available in the kit to view the planets like Jupiter and Uranus with this telescope.

 Well Crafted Optical System: The 70 mm aperture of the objective lens has large light-gathering power. A focal length of 420mm with a 20 mm eyepiece gives a 21 times magnified image of the light that enters the aperture of this telescope.
Using a 2X- Barlow lens offers a magnification of 42X. It is recommended to use a Barlow lens to watch planets and deep-sky objects like galaxies and star clusters with this telescope.
 High-quality Lens: This space telescope has all multi-coated lens that offers sharp and clear views by reducing any loss of light.
 Portable & Easy to Use: This is a refractor telescope that comes with minimum hardware to set up and maintain it. Focus only on learning and enjoying the remote views without bothering about the portability and maintenance of the telescope.
 Best Gift to give on birthdays, holidays and special occasions to passionate stargazers of all age groups.
Optical Type: Refracting Telescope
Material: Aluminium Alloy + ABS Plastic
Aperture: 70 mm
Focal Length: 420 mm
Eyepiece: 1.25" K20 mm
Tripod: 39" Aluminium Alloy Tripod
Prism Diagonals: 1.25" 90 Degree Prism Diagonals
Package Includes:
1*70/420 Optical Tube
1*54 inch Aluminum Tripod
1*K20mm Eyepieces-1.25"
1*5x24 Optical Viewfinder with Holder
1*1.25" 90-Degree Erecting Prisms Diagonals
1*1.25" 2X-Barlow Lens
1*Objective Lens Dust Cover w/ Rubber Ring
1*User Manual

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